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On January 20th I hosted a Mother & Daughter Workshop “Glowup” at the luxurious Mayton Inn in Downtown, Cary, NC. This Workshop was all about improving communication while having fun. It was full of laughs and AhHa moments for Moms & Daughters which was the goal. See, I truly believe that each Mother/Daughter relationship is unique and special in its on way and sometimes no matter how difficult it may seem, there’s good stuff there and good stuff to uncover. Many of the Moms walked away with a little more information on how their parenting style might be impacting their relationship and some small changes that they can make to improve. Here are some of the responses I received….

-I found the Workshop to be very helpful, despite the fact that my daughter was a little younger than the other girls for these reasons.

-The relaxed atmosphere encouraged organic conversation… A lot of questions that came up could be addressed by you and the other moms since there was limited scripted time..

-The games and food encouraged the girls to relax, even the ones that clearly didn’t want to be there

-I had a lot of conversations with my daughter and got a glimpse of what things looked like from her eyes that I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t attended..

The feedback was so amazing, I’m thinking about offering it again so stay tuned if you missed it.