Grow, Encourage, Empower Introduces Wellness options...

On 10.4.19 Gretchen Campbell Owner of Grow, Encourage, Empower PLLC launched her first Wellness Series titled “Brown Girls Meditate & Do Yoga”. This will be the first of many Wellness options that the business will offer for clients and for the local community. Offering a series for Brown Girls in Downtown Cary was important as an inaugural event to honor the vast majority of the clients served. Meditation and Yoga is something that many therapist often recommended for clients to address emotional health from a Holistic perspective. Many of the studios and local establishments in the Downtown Cary area that offer yoga often lack diversity so it is important for me to be able to create a space where clients and other community members feel welcomed. All of the sessions offered won’t specifically be catered towards Brown Girls as Grow, Encourage, Empower does service a very diverse population but being a Brown Girl and having this as the first series was important.

On 10/4/19 10 Brown Girls showed up at Gather Goods located at 417 Kildaire Farm Rd, where Grow, Encourage, Empower is located and enjoyed an evening of Meditation, Yoga and Chat… There were participants that came in from Danville, VA to support the Yogi Teacher (Angela Funderburk) leading the session and even participants that weren’t able to make the class showed up and donated. Seeing all these women in one space, some newbies at trying yoga for the first time and some seasoned yoga students all in one space enjoying the breeze under the lights was an evening to remember and a successful inaugural event for Grow, Encourage, Empower.

The Brown Girls Meditate & Do Yoga series will run for the entire month of October on Friday from 6-8pm… All sessions are free and donation based, you just need to RSVP to attend. Be on the look out for other Wellness options to come that Grow, Encourage, Empower will be offering..

10/11/19 session-

Playlist - Brown Girls Meditate & Do Yoga